Yes we can

To support President Obama and the Democrats you must want Americans to be poorer. The President and Dems have hurt Americans.

  • Their home values stolen by the GOVT
  • Their savings devalued by the GOVT
  • Their jobs lost or jeopardized by the GOVT
  • Their healthcare hurt by the GOVT
  • Their futures–////// by the GOVT
  • Their children’s futures
  • Their utilities order up by GOVT EPA
  • The dollar devalued so foreign purchases cost most
  • High spending
  • High taxes
  • High Reg
  • High bankruptcy
  • Businesses closing and leaving. GOVT
  • Education quality reduced by GOVT
  • Trillion wasted by GOVT
  • Trillions in debt forced on those who received no benefit
  • Reduced military strength
  • Reduced border strength
  • Forced great burdens on states to care for illegal aliens

The VA

Millions more on food stamps and millions of jobs lost to China.

02/24/2016: With billions in taxpayer dollars at stake, the Obama administration has taken a “passive” approach to identifying potential fraud involving the president’s health care law, nonpartisan congressional investigators. Article