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Johnny Depp and his pals put out a video mocking Donald Trump.

Perhaps someone should return the favor, except this movie wouldn’t be a comedy. It would be of a man who promised to buy Wounded Knee to give back to the natives. Stole positive news headlines for months, turned himself into some sort of savior figure, and then wimped out in the end.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Depp said he was going to buy Wounded Knee, a national historic landmark, and gift it back to the Indian people and would spend millions to give control back to those that should have inherited the land.

“It’s very sacred ground and many atrocities were committed against the Sioux there … And in the 1970s there was a stand-off between the Feds and the people who should own that land. This historical land is so important to the Sioux culture and all I want to do is buy it and give it back. Why doesn’t the government do that?”

But Depp never did what he told so many people he would. Guess he’s too busy mocking Trump to follow-through with a promise that many Native Americans were counting on. Here’s an excerpt from Theresa Mailhot’s article, “White Saviors Are Never Around When I Need a Jar Opened

“The problem with white saviors isn’t necessarily that they’re paternalistic, or dumb, it’s mostly that they aren’t dependable. Where is my white savior when I want a jar opened? Ultimately, if you give a white person too much power as an ally they will betray you.

Look at Johnny Depp; we lauded him as our next Marlon Brando, only to find he didn’t buy Wounded Knee like he promised, and he recently debuted a fragrance called “Sauvage” for Dior. You can’t trick us with your French, Johnny; the name is synonymous with ‘savage,’ not to mention your add had a buffalo, a hawk, and a coyote. Did you really need all three? If Marlon Brando could see you now, he’d send an Indian out to explain allusion and implication to you.”