Lemmy Kilmister - Motorhead

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Lemmy Kilmister, frontman of English rockband Motorhead, said, “Please, please don’t vote for Mitt Romney. F— him. Repeal abortion law is the first thing he’ll do. F—ing monster.”

So Lemmy Kilmister sees the father of five, Mitt Romney, as frightening and ugly because Romney believes that human beings in the womb deserve some sort of protection. No mention of the 53 million aborted babies since Roe v Wade or that a quarter of the population does not walk among us but were rather thrown in garbage bags and now lie in landfills with discarded trash. Again, witness Lemmy Kilmister’s reality.

On Obama, Lemmy Kilmister said, “I mean, the poor f—er’s only just gotten rid of all that George Bush s— that he left, or is trying to. And he’s being stonewalled by the f—ing Congress all the time. I don’t know how he’s gotten anything done.”

Lemmy Kilmister has drunk a bottle of Jack Daniel’s every day since he was 30 years old; he is now 66 years old (documentary, “Live Fast and Die Old”). Lemmy collects Nazi memorabilia and has an Iron Cross encrusted on his bass (he says his interests are just aesthetic) and advocated the legalization of heroin (in order to get rid of the drug dealer).

Lemmy Kilmister also hates religion: “God Was Never On Your Side” from Motörhead’s 2006 album Kiss Of Death and “The Thousand Names Of God” from the 2008 album Motörizer. The song “Get Back In Line” ends with a dismissal of the idea that “Jesus saves.”