Katy Perry, who gave several free concerts for Obama’s re-election, according to The Sun, gave President Obama some “lucky underwear in London … at a political rally just before we won the 2012 election. A source told, The Sun.”

“She was delighted when she got to hand him a pair at a political rally just before he won. Katy’s been saying he won because of the lucky pants.”

“The lucky underwear have an image of President Obama’s face and Katy Perry loved them so much she bought a dozen of them, spending approximately $320” (The Examiner).

One can only hope she washed them first. The world is becoming surreal. It matches the gift that Obama gave the Queen … the gift of his speeches on an ipod.

The headliner is about as classy as the gift. Therein loves the rub (pun intended). Enough said.