Cynthia Nixon Weds Christine Marinoni

1 November 2012 – Florida

Actress Cynthia Nixon, while volunteering for the Obama campaign and in a radio interview with 102JamzOrlando, told Florida voters that Miranda Hobbes, the character she played on the hit HBO series “Sex and the City” from 1998 to 2004, would have supported the president — and that Miranda’s best friends Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, and Charlotte York would reject Romney.

Nixon then said, “I think Miranda Hobbes would rather shoot herself in the head than vote for Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is so terrible on women’s issues.”

Nixon then turned ventriloquist and started channeling voices for the other three “Sex and the City” main characters:

“I know that there are women who support [Romney], and it’s hard for me to understand, but certainly Miranda nor Carrie nor Charlotte nor Samantha, none of those women would ever vote for Mitt Romney. They would do something terrible first before they would ever vote for Mitt Romney.”

Cynthia Nixon’s Myopic Vision

At least Cynthia Nixon is honest about her myopic vision that doesn’t extend past her gargantuan ego. She admits that she has no capacity to understand a different viewpoint; the viewpoint that half of Americans value.

In order to persecute a group, to alienate and ostracize them, you have to deal in hyperbolic demonization, which Nixon does. Nixon demonizes Romney by implying that suicide is better than casting a vote for this father of five. Think about that. She believes it. Cynthia Nixon has completely shut her mind off from any diverging viewpoint and fed her hysterical delusions to the point that this is what comes out of her mouth.

If I had a choice between suicide and voting for Obama, of course, I would cast the vote for Obama. Common. My life is not something to be flippantly offered up as a sacrifice or as a protest against any politician. Ironically, Cynthia Nixon is not putting the president on the pedestal … but rather self-indulges in her own self-aggrandizement and lifts herself up above the ignorant masses of Romney supporters – much like Sarah Jessica Parker did when she portrayed herself as Mother Theresa. Much like Eva Longoria did when she promoted the idea that all conservative women and minorities were stupid.

Cynthia Nixon reveals her hyperbolic hysteria in her own words; witness Cynthia’s world – “they would do something terrible first before they would ever vote for Mitt Romney;” “would rather shoot myself in the head than vote for Mitt Romney.” Who would say this garbage?

Cynthia Nixon went on to say –
“You know, everybody used to say about Bill Clinton that he was the first African-American president, but I think that Barack Obama is the first gay president. My wife and I got married this May — and I know it took him a little while to get there, but the fact that he came out fully for marriage equality for all Americans — we’ve never had a president come anywhere close to that. And I know that if we can keep him in there for another four years, we’re gonna see the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.”