Transcript to BarBra Streisand’s Latest Obama Ad:

Hi, this is Barbra Streisand. In this election, we have a choice between two candidates. President Obama, who has taken our country forward by expanding women’s rights and fighting for social and economic justice. He’s got our economy moving in the right direction.

President Obama has supported Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood, and equal pay for women from his first day in office. And his landmark health care law provided millions of women with access to contraception and mammograms that they couldn’t have afforded before.

President Obama continues to stand strongly with our ally Israel and in preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons while implementing the strictest sanctions ever.

He has also done more for the LGBT community than any president before, repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and signing the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act into law.

Governor Romney would take us backwards and is as extreme as it gets when it comes to a woman’s right to choose and giving America’s wealthiest even more tax cuts on the backs of the middle class. A Romney administration would deny health insurance to about 45 million people, end Medicare as we know it, and would savagely cut Medicaid which now covers more than 50 million Americans. A Romney Administration would oppose the Buffett Rule, which would help ensure that those who make one million dollars per year pay their fair share of taxes.

Mitt Romney does not share our values. I know Barack Obama does. In this good man, we have a president we can trust, a president whom I trust. For me the choice is clear; I hope it is for you.

Spock’s Reaction To Streisand


Snap out of it, Barbra, the Klingon hit you harder than I thought. Here’s the facts:
for every one job, Obama has created, 75 people have gone on food stamps.
• 3.5 million more women in poverty since he took over.
• Planned Parenthood funding does not offer mammograms; but they do take a life every 95 seconds – annually, they wipe out enough people to represent Cincinnati’s entire population.
• As far as the Buffett Rule … that’s like having a waterfall pouring on your head and holding out a thimble and saying … let’s brag about the water I caught.