Bruce Springsteen

5 November 2012, Madison, Wisconsin –

Glory Days Singer, Bruce Springsteen, Campaigns For Obama Today

From Ronald Reagan in the 80’s (and the height of Bruce Springsteen success), to Obama today, Bruce Springsteen really lives his songs.

Rock singer Bruce Springsteen will perform and introduce Obama on Monday, 5 November 2012, in Madison, Wisconsin. The two will then travel together to Columbus, Ohio, for another event with rapper Jay-Z.

Bruce Springsteen will probably sing his best-known song, “Glory Days.”

Of course, Michelle Obama’s ubiquitous internet presence is the paid ad before the video:

Here’s to recaputuring the Glory Days under Obama:

1. $17,834.40 is the bill that Obama has handed each and every American (man, woman, child, baby). President Obama raised the debt $5.6 trillion ($16.2 trillion debt limit – $10.6 debt the day he took office). There are 314 million Americans. $5.6 Trillion divided by 314 million Americans = $17,834.40.

2. $98,245.61 is the bill Obama has handed each and every American taxpayer. President Obama increased America’s debt $5.6 trillion ($16.2 trillion debt limit – $10.6 debt the day he took office). There are 114 million American tax-filers; half pay federal income tax. $5.6 Trillion divided by 57 million taxpaying Americans = $98,245.61.

3. $2,639,020 is the cost to create EACH job during Obama’s tenure. January 2009 there were 140,436,000 employed Americans; August 2012 there were 142,558,000 Americans employed. So there was a creation of 2,122,000 jobs divided by $5.6 trillion debt that Obama has spent = $2.6 million.

4. Average U.S. family’s wealth plunged 40% in the recession.

5. Long-term unemployment – 45.9% of total: highest since 1930s.

6. People dependent on government – 47%, highest in American history.

7. Employment – 58.1% of population working: lowest since 1983.

8. Slowest job growth after a severe recession since World War II.

9. Teenage unemployment 24% (Aug 2012) verses 21.4% when President Obama took office.

10. 81 million Americans were not in the labor force when Obama took office; 88 million Americans (Aug 2012) are now not in the labor force and are not counted in the official unemployment rate.

11. U.S. sovereign debt downgrade: first-time in American history.

12. Federal spending – 25% of GDP: highest since World War II.

13. Budget deficit – 10% GDP – highest since World War II.

14. Raised the debt ceiling to $16.2 trillion – highest in history and in the world.

15. President Obama’s proposed budgets spend your child into more debt than all the previous 43 U.S. presidents COMBINED.

16. President Obama has overspent 5.6 trillion dollars in 4 years.

17. From 2007 – 2011, the number of people receiving food stamps has increased to 47 million people – the highest in American history. President Obama is now referred to as the Food Stamp President.

18. Home ownership rate – 59.7%: lowest since 1965.

19. Percentage of taxpayers paying income tax 49%; working people now in the minority – lowest in modern history.

20. Illegal immigrants are no longer required to prove their status and now are provided free food, housing, healthcare, education, energy assistance, etc.

21. President Obama, unlike previous U.S. Presidents, has said hard work and determination do not determine your success but rather other people do. On July 14, 2012, President Obama said in a speech, “If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

22. Spending for mandatory programs (such as entitlements, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment, Federal Pensions, Social Security) and net interest on our debt is GREATER THAN ALL TAX REVENUES COLLECTED. After the checks are paid for entitlements and interest, there is not ONE DOLLAR left to fund the military, or any federal employee, department, or office. To balance the budget and not pass down our debt to our children, Congress would have to raise everyone’s taxes by 50%.

23. President Obama has reduced our missile defense from 5,000 to 1,500 and has given orders to the Pentagon to develop plans to reduce it to 300 and ultimately zero. The feeling is when we get to zero, we will have greater leverage against our enemies.