Beyonce recently made news with her reaction to President Obama’s re-election, “Take That Mitches.”
• Beyonce has designed baby clothes for Obama,
wore big Bama Hoop earrings,
• held expensive and lavish fund-raisers for Obama.
• In fact, while 20 of our American embassies were burning around the globe, Obama partied with the Beyonce and her husband. Both of whom are very, very big and important, you know. Yep. Big into their own viewpoints too.
The big star recently pulled out of the arch-enemy of the state, republican Clint Eastwood’s, movie, “A Star Is Born.”


After Her “Take That Mitches” Message … There are Rumors That Beyonce May Be Working On A New Song

Yes, Beyonce may be doing a remake of Mac Davis’ classic. Rumored to join her are Cameron Diaz, Sara Jessica-Parker, Eva Longoria, and Jared Leto.