Victoria Beckham

It Is All Tears In Big Hollywood – Big Victoria Beckham

Yes, the glitter is glittering in big hollywood (a phrase taken from the genius Andrew Breitbart). We are just small people thrilled at the chance to have the opportunity to hear the gods speak to us. It is always nice to see them pat each other on the back.

Was Victoria Beckham Also Proud Of This



The Angry Man

by Phyllis McGinley (1905-1978)
The other day I chanced to meet
An angry man upon the street —
A man of wrath, a man of war,
A man who truculently bore
Over his shoulder, like a lance,
A banner labeled “Tolerance.”
And when I asked him why he strode
Thus scowling down the human road,
Scowling, he answered, “I am he
Who champions total liberty —
Intolerance being, ma’am, a state
No tolerant man can tolerate.

“When I meet rogues,” he cried, “who choose
To cherish oppositional views,
Lady, like this, and in this manner,
I lay about me with my banner
Till they cry mercy, ma’am.” His blows
Rained proudly on prospective foes.

Fearful, I turned and left him there
Still muttering, as he thrashed the air,
“Let the Intolerant beware!”