**FLASHBACK** May 2012, Berlin

Will Smith “I Will Pay Any Amount Of Tax”

In promoting his movie, “MIB 3,” and against the backdrop of “MIB 3” posters, 44-year-old actor, Will Smith assertively says, “I will absolutely vote for Barack Obama.” Josh Brodin, Smith’s co-star in MIB, then gets up to hug Will Smith. Touching. Smith then continues, “for me, I’m a black man who grew up in the inner city Philadelphia, who didn’t go to college, and I get to travel around the world … ”

Smith, whose net worth is reported at 200 million, is apparently caught up in an emotional high and emotionally states, “I will pay any amount of tax to continue to be who I am.”

So, Smith arouses the emotions by the telling of his admirable personal story of an inner-city childhood. Once people are emotionally connected to Smith, it is easier for them to accept Smith’s conclusion: we should raise taxes, no matter how high, on a certain group of successful people, who should pay “any amount of tax.”

Fairy tales are often far-fetched, magical short stories that contain superficial references to reality. And it is a fairy tale to think that Smith or his ilk can be taxed enough to cover the deficit spending in Washington; started by President Bush and doubled by President Obama.

Destroyed_City and Godzilla

Will Smith Battles Real Life Monster

The fairy tale here is that there are enough “rich” to pay America’s bill. It is ironic that Will Smith thinks there is as he sits promoting his movie of make-believe aliens that exist in a world of Hollywood fiction where he is the one who saves the day.

But outside the fairy tale land of Hollywood, in the real world of flesh and blood in America’s neighborhoods, where the laws of gravity and fiscal prudence apply, there is a monster that creeps towards our cities, homes, and children. A monster that throughout history and geography has sucked dry the life-blood of nations and left poverty, inflation, and confusion in its wake. And one man, Will Smith, stepping off his Hollywood set blithely states that he can stop it.

Well, Will Smith, you cannot, sir. You cannot stop this real-life monster from crushing our children and those babies not even yet born. But if you want to begin to slow it down … you can start by using your acting skills to convince every “rich” person in America to pay 142 percent in taxes so that we can pay for only one year of President Obama’s deficit. You can lead by example, put your money where your mouth is, and pull out your checkbook and write the American people a check for 142 percent of what you earned in 2010 and 2011; keep it open so you can do the same for 2012.

America’s Overspending

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