10 October 2012 – Robert Gibbs on NBC’s “Today” with Matt Lauer regarding President Obama’s Big Bird ad and whether or not the ad will be taken down.

Matt Lauer asked of Robert Gibbs Wednesday morning, “But will the [Obama] campaign take Big Bird out of its ads?”

Gibbs said, “I don’t know of any plans to change that.”

While news organizations – some quite liberal – ABC, CBS, MSNBC, LA Times, Politico, Time Magazine and others have critized the “smallness” of the issue in the face of the worst economic recovery since WWII, the Obama camp must see something in the ad that is connecting with people.

Why Big Bird Will Work

Ironic words from Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech, DNC, 28 August 2008: “If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. You make a big election about small things.” President Obama is genius at this right now and executing it perfectly. Why does making a big election about small things actually work?

1) The average American voter only spends three hours total thinking about the presidential campaign so memorable visuals work.

2) To the average American, a big, yellow, beloved bird is more memorable than Libya.

3) Yellow has been said to be the most effective color in yard sign campaign ads. Big Bird is a big, yellow, walking billboard for Obama.

4) People are hard-wired to remember the good and forget the bad. Big Bird is good (most of us have fond childhood memories of the lovable Bird); our $16 trillion national debt is bad.

5) It is well known in the marketing world that emotional appeals persuade 70 percent of Americans compared to logical appeals at 30 percent. The Big Bird ad is aimed at the emotions.

6) Deep-seated emotions almost always win over logical arguments (again most of us have fond childhood memories of Big Bird verses the $16 trillion national debt).

7) People like humor; it has even been cited as the number one technique to build relationships. The ad, if you can put partisanship and the big-picture aside, is funny.

8) We are hard-wired to be attracted to those things we can solve easily. Which is more easily solvable, Big Bird or our sluggish economy?

Obama’s camp won’t take down the Big Bird ad because it works. The reporters – even the liberal ones – who are annoyed at Obama’s use of Big Bird are coming at the story with a bigger picture in mind and thus rightly conclude that Big Bird is “small” ball and “absurd.” They, however, are missing Big Bird’s point and effectiveness with a segment of the electorate.

Romney Was Right That All Money Given To Big Bird Is Borrowed

Right now, entitlements and interest on our national debt consume every tax dollar. All money to run the federal government (including military) and give to Big Bird is borrowed.