Stacey Dash

VH-1 Equates Stacey Dash with Snoop Dogg

The stunning 46-year-old actress with a networth of about $8 million, Stacey Dash, of African American and Mexican descent with clear green eyes, has been equated to Snoop Dogg/Lion in VH-1’s headline, “Stacey Dash Snoop Dogg are probably not the best celeb spokespeople for Romney and Obama.” Really? Is this the best title that writer Sabrina Rojas Weiss can come up with?

You decide if Snoop Dogg/Lion’s racial rantings is in the same category as Stacey Dash’s straightforward Romney endorsement. But perhaps if you hated Romney as much as Snoop Dogg/Lion, then then mere expression of Romney support would be worse than Snoop Dogg’s outrageous note.

Snoop Dogg/Lion’s Racial Rantings


Stacey Dash’s Endorsement

Even VH-1’s Audience Isn’t Buying It

VH-1 readers are not buying that Stacey Dash’s endorsement even appears on the radar of what VH-1 calls the “worse celebrity cosigns.” The following are the VH-1 poll results when asked in “the race for most embarrassing celebrity cosigns. Which do you think is the worst?” The following results are as of 9 October 2012, 08:22am EST.