The Gloria Allred and Maureen Sullivan Team

John Nolte, reporter for, wrote an exclusive article on Gloria Allred’s “October Surprise”; it is the best from the dozen or so articles I have read on this story: ANTI-MORMON BIGOT BEHIND OBAMA/ALLRED ‘OCTOBER SURPRISE’: “What you might not know is that Allred’s client, Maureen Sullivan, the woman pushing to unseal the gag order on her own divorce records, is an embittered leftie, a Huffington Post (liberal publication) “Super User,” and a vicious anti-Mormon bigot.” His article was explosive, poignant, interesting, and well-documented.

Players In The Gloria Allred/Boston Globe Circus

Gloria Allred – Democrat, Pro-Obama attorney. Likes to target and take down republican politicians. Met with Obama two weeks ago. On a mission to destroy Romney. Pretty much a victim facilitator. Is using someone, who by all appearances is mentally imbalanced, to further Obama’s agenda.

The Boston Globe – A liberal publication. Volunteer hyenas. An available tool to smear Romney.

Maureen Sullivan – She’s holding a grudge from 1987. Wow, that was when Ronald Reagan was still in office, I was still playing my new Atari and jogging around my neighborhood with my walkman, Madonna was still young, and my hair was 80’s big! 25 years. Apparently, Ms. Sullivan’s anger has only increased over the years, as documented in John Nolte’s article. On the surface, one has to wonder if the woman is mentally imbalanced as well as feel pity for a woman who has let hate and bitterness take away over two decades of her life.

Mitt Romney – A decent man who is obvious devoid of any big tabloid-style scandals (or else the witch hunt crew would have found them). The man doesn’t even drink.

This story has nothing to do with truth. It’s all about appearances … The Boston Globe will somehow raise the specter that somehow Romney is not truthful. And President Obama – as he is currently doing – will point to himself and say, “I am the one you can trust.”

Somehow though, from following this story closely on TMZ, RadarOnline, TheBlaze, Breitbart, DemocraticUnderground, ABC, and others … the comments are overwhelmingly negative on this sort of stunt. People just don’t care about a bitter woman and an attorney who is taking advantage of her to further a political agenda.