Absent In The Twitter World Last Night Were The Obama Starlets

Are the tumbleweeds blowing through the debate landscape? Missing from the Twitter world in the third presidential debate on foreign policy were the hyper-enthusiastic tweets of the Obama women: Eva Longoria (who recently revealed who she is), Olivia Wilde (no comment at all last night), Elizabeth Banks (no comment at all last night), Kerry Washington, Jessica Alba (no comment at all last night), and others.

Of course Cher and Sarah Silverman were as vulgar as ever, but their bombastic voices have become boring and have lost their shock value; like the three year old yelling cuss words … it’s only curious the first time it happens.

Perhaps the game was above the Starlet’s heads. Perhaps their managers told them to cool off.

Last night was psych warfare 101

You had to really pay attention to catch what was going on in last night’s presidential foreign policy debates. President Obama thought he was playing checkers with a hammer, but Romney came ready to play chess with a straight razor, and he was so effective that Obama may still not realize how badly he was cut … although those who paid close attention saw what was happening.

Romney took a page out of Muhammad Ali’s handbook and got Obama to wildly swing and grimace at his opponent like a school yard bully in a fight. While Obama was belittling and patronizing Romney, he looked less and less like an intelligent adult, let alone president of the most powerful nation on earth.

The salivating media dogs of course are barking that Obama won. Afterall, Obama is the new Pavlov to them.