Steve Carell, who spoke at President Obama’s inauguration is now appearing in videos for OurTime. As we have discussed in previous articles, OurTime is a youth voter drive who claims to be non-partisan. However, the makeup of OurTime’s board and celebrities used in their videos tilt 83% democrat.

Some of the celebrities pushing OurTime are Renee Zellweger (democrat political donations), (song for Obama), NAS (long supporter of Obama), Rachel Zoe (Obama for America), Steve Carell (spoke at Obama Inaugural celebration), Chelsea Clinton (duh), Usher (Obama supporter), Trey Songz (in the tank for Obama), Jessica Alba (asks voters to pledge allegience to Obama), and Larry David (Democrat supporter).

Steve Carell, How Do You Pay For An Additional 1 Million Public Service Sector Jobs?

OurTime represents the millennium generation that makes up a quarter of the American electorate. OurTime has a published jobs plan on their website which consists ENTIRELY of the creation of new tax-payer funded government jobs.

Government jobs depend on productive private sector jobs. Workers in the private sector have to earn the money to pay government salaries; from where is the money going to come? The American taxpayer certainly doesn’t have it. Borrowing it from China is not an option.

Furthermore, public-sector jobs carry high salaries and union power. According to National Affairs, “Most economists agree that public-sector unions’ political power leads to more government spending. When all jobs are considered, state and local public-sector workers today earn, on average, $14 more per hour in total compensation (wages and benefits) than their private-sector counterparts. The New York Times has reported that public-sector wages and benefits over the past decade have grown twice as fast as those in the private sector” (National Affairs, The Trouble With Public Sector Unions).

Steve Carell – How Do We Create 10-15 Million Jobs?

We ask this question of Steve Carell, because he is promoting OurTime, a non-profit organization, who in return is pushing the creation of one million new public sector jobs.

OurTime believes we should expand programs such as AmeriCorps, City Year, Habitat for Humanity, Teach for America, and others so we can “rebuild our country now.” But what is unpublished in OurTime’s jobs plan is the second half: how do we create the 10 – 15 million new jobs to support those new one million tax-payer funded positions that suck money out of people who are not working (unemployment benefits are taxable) or people working part-time jobs. All of OurTime’s jobs get paid for by someone else producing something and not one of their jobs creates any wealth.