25 October 2012 – Unfortunately, Sarah Jessica Parker took time to rant. The following is a partial transcript.

Sarah Jessica Parker Transcript of Video – with commentary

Sarah Jessica Parker: “I think it was very apparent to anyone who wanted to pay attention – and I think a lot of Americans do and did – that Obama is a man of conviction”
TRANSLATION – If you didn’t see Obama as a man of conviction, then you didn’t “want” to pay attention, or as Eva Longoria would agree, you are “stupid.

Sarah Jessica Parker: “and his [Obama’s] word was not all over the place on the most important issues: healthcare, jobs, equality and that Romney’s record is really hard to capture; it’s slippery; it’s been all over the place.”
TRANSLATION – I just ignore the hundreds of documented lies that Obama has said to-date (check out 4 years of lies in one video), because I look at the news to affirm me not to inform me.

Sarah Jessica Parker: “I love so much the illustration on the New Yorker magazine … everything that Romney has stood for, you have to scratch it out because it changed yesterday, and now it is changing; he was pro-choice, he was for certain tax cuts, he was for stem cell research … ”

Parker then gets animated and flashes the magazine around … the sound of her own voice has worked her up … She really is in love with herself, you know.

Sarah Jessica Parker: “The only reason I care, it has nothing to do with me or my personal stake,”
TRANSLATION – When I look in the mirror, I really do see Mother Teresa.

Sarah Jessica Parker:”I am one of the people who actually … Romney … I would actually benefit from Romney and his extremely right-wing Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan.”
TRANSLATION – again a cue from Eva Longoria … those evil, dangerous right wing teaparty Americans.

Sarah Jessica Parker:”I am concerned about the greater good of this country and I mean that with all sincerity. I am simply concerned with equality, and women’s rights – in terms of their physical autonomy – two important things mammograms and screens for cervical cancers, all the things that are necessary and important to live.”
TRANSLATION – I am better than all the peons out there, princess that I am. Btw – Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms, Sarah, they provide abortions.

It really is annoying to hear this woman speak. I can’t continue with the transcription. She is an American like the rest of us, flesh and blood, and when you see Hollywood in the real light and not the starlight, they come across as arrogant.

Does she not think that everyone is “sincerely” concerned about this country on both sides? We just don’t all talk like we are accepting an award for our concerns nor do we suffer from delusions of grandeur.