Beyonce Knowles at the Children's Hospital Foundation Diamond Ball and Concert in Miami

Beyonce is famous for her single “Single Ladies” and the line “if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it.” Well Beyonce knows something about rings. Remember her $5 million dollar wedding ring from Jay-Z? Wow!

Right Hand over heart stupid

President Obama’s Gold Ring Makes News

Well, there is another ring making news today. President Obama’s gold ring@ Some say it “proves” that he is indeed a Muslim! Lots of close-up shots of Obama’s unique gold ring are posted all over the internet this morning. Apparently the cryptic ring has a strange design and some see Allah inscribed in it. President Obama has been wearing the ring since at least age 20 (see pictures here); it also doubles as a nice wedding ring!

While we read several articles to become familiar with the story, the most unbiased reporting we found was on TheBlaze. That’s right! TheBlaze took the time to examine both sides. Excellent reporting and investigation by Billy Hallowell.