Compare & Contrast:  "People" & "Us" Magazines, The "Jake & Vienna From "The Bachelor" TV Series" Issue

President Obama Interviews With Celebrity Magazine – US Magazine

As Politico reports today, President Obama has granted an interview with the celebrity magazine, US Magazine.

• The same president who has not done a full White House press conference since March of this year.

• The same president who has not talked to the American people about what some are calling a cover-up in Libya and the death of our Ambassador Stevens (first ambassador death since the 1970’s).

• The same president who only has time to send the heart-broken families of our fallen Navy Seals form letters.

The same president who did not have time to meet with world leaders in New York last month (what some charged was “unprecedented,”) but did have time for “The View.”

Read the US Magazine story here. Romney declined the opportunity to participate in a similar Q&A.

Us Magazine Article