How Is 83% Democrat, 9% Republican, 9% Unknown “Non-Partisan”?, a youth-get-the-vote-out project, is a large PR campaign that amounts to something, but it is all contrived. It has all the spinnings of large, sophisticated PR campaign put together by Madison Avenue. We wonder who really is the team behind this.  Its 26-year-old co-founder, Matthew Segal, claims OurTime is “non-partisan” but even a cursory examination strongly suggests this is not true.

As far as celebrity videos posted on OurTime’s youtube channel, 10 out of 12 show outspoken democrat celebrities (the other two – Work-a-holics and Slam Poet Carlos Andrés Gómez – cannot be verified as democrat or republican). 83% democrat (10 out of 12); 17% unknown (2 out of 12).

Furthermore, nine out of 11 board members are Democrat; we excluded the two co-founders from the Board count because they are pushing a “non-partisan” creation and are mum about candidate endorsement. 82% democrat (9 out of 11); 18% republican (2 out of 11).

So a valid question is, because of OurTime’s democrat bias, can they and do they want to accurately present both views to their constituents?

Some of the celebrities pushing the “non-partisan” “Our Time” are Renee Zellweger (democrat political donations), (song for Obama), NAS (long supporter of Obama), Rachel Zoe (Obama for America), Steve Carell (spoke at Obama Inaugural celebration), Chelsea Clinton (duh), Usher (Obama supporter), Trey Songz (in the tank for Obama), Jessica Alba (asks voters to pledge allegience to Obama), and Larry David (huge Democrat supporter).

And What Is OurTime’s Published Jobs Plan?

All one million jobs are public service positions; OurTime believes we should expand programs such as AmeriCorps, City Year, Habitat for Humanity, Teach for America, and others so we can “rebuild our country now.”  But what is unpublished in OurTime’s jobs plan is the second half: how do we create the 10-15 million new jobs to support those new one million tax-payer funded positions that suck money out of people who are not working (unemployment benefits are taxable) or people working part-time jobs. All of OurTime’s jobs get paid for by someone else producing something and not one creates any wealth.

Matthew Segal, the frontman for OurTime, is a normal 26-year-old who discusses how he should get free pell grants but doesn’t discuss working for what he wants.  He expects you and me to provide him and the millenium generation what they want: a bunch of comfy tax-payer funded government jobs.  Segal is passionate about his work and truly is a great PR person (e.g., he has, of course, met with President Obama), is likeable, has his heart in the right place, but he seemingly doesn’t understand the concept of “non-partisan,” economics, the budget, or that the world is a powder keg and there are bad people who want to hurt us.

The “Non-Partisan” Our Times Board

Excluding the two co-founders, Matthew Segal and Jarrett Moreno (who both have been careful not to specifically endorse a candidate; even though Matthew Segal told the Daily Beast he likes Obama’s budget), the board’s political make-up is 82% Democrat, 18% Republican

Alexander von Furstenberg  (CIO, Arrow Capital Management, LLC), Democrat (see political donations to ActBlue a political action committee that enables anyone to raise m oney on the internet for the Democratic party. Futhermore, von Furstenberg’s mother, a designer, is very active in the Obama re-election campaign.

Brian Weinstein, (Head of Corporate Finance, Creative Artists Agency), Democrat, see political donations,

Cash Warren, (married to Jessica Alba and Founder, Verso Entertainment), Democrat, see political donations,

David Barrosse , (Managing Partner, Capstone, LLC), Democrat, see political donations

Ed Rensi , (Former President/CEO, McDonald’s), Republican, see political donations

Elan Blutinger (Managing Director, Alpine Consolidated, LLC), Republican, see political donations

Jeri Thomson (30th Secretary of the US Senate), Democrat, see political donations

Jesse Jacobs (President, The Chernin Group), Democrat, see political donations

Norman Lear (Director, Producer, Chairman, Act III Productions), Democrat, see political donations

Shari Redstone (Vice-chair, Viacom and CBS, President, National Amusements), 15 out of 17 contributions were for Democrat. her only 2 republican contributions were for primary races only, see political donations

William Marovitz (Former State Senator, IL), sued by government for insider trading in 2011, Democrat, see political donations