Stacey Dash Makes Headlines After Romney Endorsement

At CelebrityThink, we not only report what Celebrities say in their own words about politics, but also how other writers cover this type of news. The stunning 46-year-old African-American/Mexican decent actress, Stacey Dash, made a lot of headlines this weekend when she tweeted her support for Romney (see article here). Her color of skin then became the story.

When is it ever appropriate to be attacked over our color?

Do you believe that other people should use your color of skin to tell you who you ought to like? Don’t we have a word for that in America?

Well Ms. Dash was attacked over her color. She was called a lot of ugly names by individuals (we are not going to say Obama supporters, because these are individual people who made the decision to write these things): oreo, uncle tom, ghetto gagger, “fake black”; some individuals even encouraged Stacey Dash to kill herself. Unbelievable.

VH-1 Covering Of Stacey Dash Story

VH-1 writer, Sabrina Rojas Weiss, decided to cover the volatile story by equating Stacey Dash and Snoop Dogg/Lion’s endorsements in her headline, “Stacey Dash and Snoop Dogg Are Probably Not The Best Celeb Spokespeople For Romney And Obama.” Snoop Dogg/Lion’s endorsement was more like a racial profanity-filled ranting where he calls Romney a white n-word and says he wants to beat the shi* of of him.” In our opinion, Dash’s and Dogg/Lion’s endorsements are not even in the same category, and VH-1’s audience agreed. See poll results here.

MTV’s Covering of Stacey Dash Story

MTV’s writer, Rob Markman, however showed a lot of class in his article for MTV titled, “‘Clueless’ Star Dodges Backlash For Mitt Romney Endorsement.” Read story here. Markman ended his article with this, “But while the entire Internet seemed to take a side, Dash remained graceful through it all. “My humble opinion… EVERYONE is entitled to one,” she wrote.” Markman never got mean nor judgemental nor tried to lump in Dash with Snoop Dogg/Lion.

MTV (Markman) Beats VH-1 (Weiss)

Every American, no matter if democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, or independent wants to be told the truth and respected. When given a choice of a biased or fair representation of facts, any honest American wants fair. So kudos to MTV writer, Rob Markman, for having class in his reporting of Stacey Dash. No Dash and Snoop Dogg/Lion are NOT in the same category, VH-1 no matter how much you might wish them to be.