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– 19 October 2012, Kim Kardashian on Twitter

With murdered diplomats, October surprises (Romney, Obama), November surprises, terrorism being called “workplace” violence, this just in over the weekend …

32-year-old Kim Kardashian, entangled herself in the sticky web of Eva Longoria’s retweet that called any minority or woman who supported Mitt Romney “stupid.”

Eva Longoria’s Retweet Calling Women and Minorities Who Liked Romney “Stupid”


Kim Kardashian’s Tweet Of Support For Eva Longoria


Yes … on the clouds with the Olympian gods themselves, pose Kim and Eva in their bikinis, looking down upon America and issuing their royal tweets about those “stupid” and witless Romney supporter half-breeds who lack any quickness and keenness of mind.

So here we have the blind leading the blind leading the blind. #WeStandWithEva twitter campaign. The good ship lollipop: Eva with her “love” marked hand over her heart pledging allegiance to Obama while casting anyone off the ship who doesn’t support her candidate; Kim Kardashian, with some body part hanging out, who wants to start a Bible study group after she does her Sears lingerie spread, and those twitter followers and fans who cannot see the error in Eva Longoria’s retweet, let alone, something to be supported.

** UPDATE** Kim Kardashian Apparently Deletes The Tweet

Following the lead of Eva Longoria (who deleted two controversial tweets from her Twitter timeline), Kim Kardashian apparently deleted her Eva Longoria supporting tweet.