Jared Leto

During the second presidential debate on 16 October 2012, Jared Leto, whose net worth is a reported $40 million, made a buzz on Twitter when the 40-year-old actor tweeted Romney is the Anti-Christ.

Jared Leto Tweets That Romney is the Anti-Christ


After a small portion of his fans unfavorably react, Mr. Leto then responds by saying that “healthy debate is good for the country.”

Jared Leto Retweets A Statement Of Romney Being Sodomized

(Sarah Silverman and Eva Longoria also have used this picture of sodomized rape in their musings about republicans.)
While I don’t want to post the offensive tweet, the content is simply”Romney just got fu**ed in the a**hole. This tweet gets over 1,000 retweets.

Jared Leto’s Hypocrisy Is The Only Thing That’s Apocalyptic

Jared Leto is a celebrity and he does have influence, whether he wants responsibility for that influence or not. He also represents President Obama in campaign ads: ironically in the one above, this same man who calls Mitt Romney the “antichrist” has “love” marked on his hand. Leto’s hypocrisy is the only thing of apocalyptic proportions.

And as celebrities tell us who they are and how they treat and respond to other Americans, we can make a more informed decision about whether we support them or not. I actually used to like Jared Leto and thought he was brilliant in “Requiem for a Dream,” a heart-breaking story about two people and their addiction to heroin.

Jared Leto and “Healthy Debate”

Also on the 16 October, mixed in with his anti-christ and sodomy tweets and retweets, Mr. Leto had a retweet about windmill jobs. That is a subject of a healthy political debate. For instance, when I think of “green” solutions and the economy, I consider first-mover advantage in emerging technologies in which America could gain a scale-based cost advantage – probably not windmills. First-mover advantage in the next up and coming industry could hugely benefit all Americans.

But instead Leto’s focus and impact, at least in the Twitter universe on the night of October 16, becomes name-calling. How many fans did he lose? Well, he lost this one.

by: Faith Madison