This Is What Hypocrisy Looks Like


Eva Longoria’s Re-Tweet About Romney Supporters

Eva Longoria, Obama campaign co-chair, made the news on 16 October 2012 when she retweeted a message which specifically insulted American women and minorities, “I have no idea why any woman/minority can vote for Romney. You have to be stupid to vote for such a racist/misogynistic twat.” She has since deleted that tweet. Twitchy reports the story.

Why is this important? Why should you care? In fact, you may want to jump out of your chair and yell, “yeah, well look at Romney and the 47 percent comment!” Everyone says something stupid, don’t they? Well, what happens if a person has a history of saying insulting things to those people with whom they disagree (Longoria said tea party was “dangerous”; Longoria retweets metaphor about Paul Ryan being raped)? And why do those people bother us? And why do we learn in persuasion and listening and parenting and managing and relationships 101 that we are to seek understanding of other people’s opinions?

The right, the left, the middle, the rear, the top, the bottom … we could all jump out of our chairs and lump Eva Longoria in with all the other rancorous voices where she becomes lost in one collective, cacophonous chorus. We could think what Eva Longoria retweeted doesn’t matter and is just a part of all the endless noise of everyone who ever said anything insulting from the dawn of man until the end of time.

But the beautiful thing about American culture, society, and values … our values … is that it does matter. And that’s the point. We are not a blob of collectiveness, a synchronization of blind conformance. We are individuals to be looked at individually.

Eva Longoria Is Ethnocentric

While Eva Longoria is positioning herself to be a national spokesperson for the Obama campaign and using her celebrity status to promote Obama’s vision of America, she is telling us who she is. At the very least, she is ill-informed about a certain culture in America that makes up about half of the electorate. She is ignorant of our value system of free markets, fiscal responsibility, and limited government and does not appreciate the differences between political thought. As her retweet insinuates, she believes we have nothing to offer. She is ethnocentric in believing her vision is superior and shows open contempt for anyone else’s beliefs. And she sits as a co-chair on Obama’s campaign.