– 24 October 2012, Las Vegas, NV

The dress of Katy Perry is making its way through the headlines today. I guess in the world of Obama love and enthusiasm, it’s a hot story. Katy Perry, who just turned 28-years-old, wore the latex ballot dress last night as she sang at a free concert at a park in a historically minority neighborhood just northwest of downtown Las Vegas at about 9 p.m. President Obama later addressed the crowd.

The dress could make a great Halloween outfit. Perhaps the designer could offer the dress (or a latex bodysuit for men) to consumers of all political persuasions including Romney or Gary Johnson or even have a box for “Undecided” or “Not Voting”. At first I thought Diane von Furstenberg might have designed the dress. But I could not get confirmation.

Besides a great Halloween outfit, the popular dress could inspire a new comic book diva – Ballot Gurl – where if you don’t vote, she will come after you with whip cream guns that are attached to her upper lady parts. Katy has dressed like Wonder Woman in the past (California Gurls video) in which she defeated an army with whip cream guns attached to her breasts.

I don’t know. But it looks like Katy Perry is having fun while giving her fans a nice memory.

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