**FLASHBACK *** 29 August 2012 –

Dennis Miller On The Jay Leno Show

Each man perfectly summarizes his position. Hats off to both of them. Jay Leno is a gracious host to Dennis Miller.


Jay Leno: Now let’s talk about President Obama.

Dennis Miller: Now listen, Jay, there’s certain things I like about President Obama. He’s kept Gitmo opened; he’s kept the Patriot act; he’ll smoke a terrorist like that. You know, he killed that al-Awlaki guy, an American citizen, they just blew his head off with a drone. You know, I think back to when we had Kalif Sheikh Mohammed at Gitmo, and they wanted to bring him back to New York; he wasn’t even a citizen, and put him on Judge Judy and everybody was into that; now we’re just killing citizens from space; I dig that. And by the way, we should hold a seance and call al-Awlaki back and asked if he would have preferred to be water-boarded or smoked by the drone. I’m thinking he might have picked waterboarding at that point.

But Jay, I don’t dislike President Obama, I just think it has been an inept four years. I’m just calling it as I see it. I know you like him; what am I missing over the last four years; it just doesn’t seem that good to me.

Jay Leno: Well, I just think he has compassion for regular people. But I think Romney is a good guy and decent man; I just think he had to go all the way right, and I think this will ultimately hurt him in the long run.

Dennis Miller: And you don’t think this cat right now isn’t all the way left? Do you think everyone out there who is not doing well in life has been screwed by life, or do you think some of them are idiots. I want to help the helpless, but I don’t give a rat’s ass about the clueless anymore, Jay; you know, this country’s in trouble, Jay.

We’ve got to start isolating those two things. If somebody doesn’t want to get it together, and they want to get loaded all day, I’m sorry I don’t have anything left in the tank … I’ve seen enough authentic heartbreaks in the world; I’m not going to give it up for some loser who doesn’t want to bust his ass. That’s just commonsense!

You’re the hardest working man I know for god’s sake.

Jay Leno: But you know something, I know people who work just as hard as I do and can’t get a break.

Dennis Miller: Alright and I know some people who are gaming it too. There are a lot of different stories.

Jay Leno: I think it is just a matter of having compassion for that person who is down and out.

Dennis Miller: Romney and Ryan, I think they are compassionate men. At some point, to never have any expectation over someone who is gaming it, I don’t think that is a compassionate gesture; it’s a naive one. And that’s where I differentiate from Obama. I want to help the helpless; I don’t care about the clueless anymore.