Paul Rodriguez, "Just for the Record"

In an interview with Fox News Latino hours after Longoria’s Twitter controversy in which she promoted a vulgar hate-filled tweet against women and minorities who are going to vote for Romney, Rodriguez said that while Eva Longoria has a right to support any presidential candidate, she does not have a right to “strike below the belt and be mean-spirited” in attacking Romney. “When it gets personal, like they did, it goes below the belt. If I said mean-spirited things about President Obama I’d be called a racist, a bigot … ”

Rodriguez further stated that Longoria doesn’t “know the issues … anything about foreign policy. I’ve been to Afghanistan; I’ve served my country. I’m not some someone who’s lying around my Hollywood pool and thinking about how I can get some publicity.”

Rodriguez was also addressing (along with Longoria) fellow latino, Rosie Perez, who has also been very harsh towards Romney.

Paul Rodriguez, a life long democrat who voted for Obama in 2008, is now supporting Mitt Romney. For the full Fox News report, click here.

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