20 September 2012

Rob Lowe Tweets About CNN’s Erin Burnett Carrying Heavy Water For Obama

Actor Rob Lowe while watching Erin Burnett

A few minutes later, he corrects his error:

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Rob Lowe Retweets An American Wounded Warrior

Wounded Warrior Responds to Rob Lowe

What Are Rob Lowe’s Political Beliefs?

“I’d loved politics more as a younger man.” Rob Lowe’s oldest son, Matthew, had him take a test and Rob scored dead center: “I’m a true centrist, my beliefs put me in the middle…You know what happens to people who drive in the middle of the road? They get run over.”

Click here to see VIDEO of CNN Piers Morgan’s interview of Rob Lowe.

Rob Lowe Talks About The Presidency With Piers Morgan