Kal Penn speaking at Inaugural Opening Ceremony © by JaneJGA

24 September 2012 –

*FLASHBACK* – Harold and Kramer In Video With Barack Obama, 3 September 2012
President Obama prepares for the 2012 Democratic National Convention using the pothead characters Harold and Kumar.

President Obama is sitting in the chair (in the White House?) talking in a serious and somber tone as if addressing a serious matter, “Hey, this is Barack. Listen, I need to know if you’re on board. Ok, good. Because I’m counting on you. Everybody is. (dramatic music swells in the background). We have to get this right. So there’s a lot at stake here. Just remember that I’m trusting you on this, and I’ll see you there.”

After the President hangs up the phone, two men are seen sitting on a couch, eating pizza, and watching television.

John Cho (Harold) asks Kal Penn (Kumar): “Who was that? Sounded intense.”

Penn, seemingly spaced-out, says, “The President.”

Cho flatly says, “Sweet.”

Why Would President Obama Team Up With Pothead Characters?

1. Kal Penn (Kumar) works for the government. In 2009, Penn quit acting to become a civil servant in the Obama administration as an Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement. In February 2012, it was announced that Penn would be a co-chair for the re-election campaign of President Obama.

Penn said that the White House “didn’t care” about his role in the stoner comedies.

2. President Obama wants to appeal to America’s youth. How many generations apart are Clint Eastwood, 82-years-old, and Kal Penn, 35-years-old?

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