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President Obama On “The View” – “I told folks I’m just supposed to be eye candy here for you guys.”

Monday, President Obama, whose schedule has been notoriously full – so full he cannot find the time to meet with world leaders while in New York – found the time to speak with the ladies at “The View.”

With Americans struggling to find or keep jobs, stagnant or dropping wages, increasing gas and food prices, the middle east in absolute turmoil, the recent shocking rape and death of an American Ambassador (first time since 1979), the worst economy recovery since World War II, long-term unemployment the worst since the 1930’s, a national debt at $16 trillion (increased $5 trillion under President Obama) … it will be interesting to see how he addresses these issues, if at all.

We understand the light humor President Obama employs, such as saying he is supposed to “be eye candy” while on “The View” (airs at 11:00). He is rather personally likable. But, what is more important? Meeting with world leaders in New York or dishing it with the ladies in New York?

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Some Other Interesting Political Decisions

Using potheads in the Presidential re-election campaign,

While on David Letterman, joking about (and not even remembering the amount of) the $16 trillion debt which has been called “America’s greatest national security threat”

While American embassies burn, tweet multiple times about a fundraiser with rapper Jay-Z and Beyonce

• On 29 August 2009, General McChrystal, commander in Afghanistan, said to President Obama, “if we don’t get more troops on the ground, we risk failure.” As of 22 October 2009, the President still had not made a decision. During that time and with American boys dying, the President found time to party, vacation, and petition the Olympics board.

• “President Obama spent Earth Day last year creating an immense carbon footprint flying his 747 jumbo jet coast-to-coast after draining more cash from California donors. He took a 17-vehicle motorcade of SUVs for a photo op admiring an electric car. When an unemployed audience member complained about Obama’s strict gas mileage regulations, the president suggested the man buy a new car,” (read Investor’s Business Daily article).

• President Obama did not seek Congressional authorization before ordering the American military to join in attacks of Libyan air defenses and government forces. (read NY Times article). As America was at war, American troops were putting their lives on the line, and missiles struck Libya, President Obama and his extended family traveled around sunny beaches of South America (read Outside the Beltway article). Nine days later he consented to explain his military actions.

• Michelle Obama took an extravagant vacation in Spain and traveled its beaches while Americans faced tough economic times and after her husband urged Americans to vacation and spend money in the Gulf Coast to help out the tourism industry impacted by the BP oil spill (read Sun-Times article).

• “Several weeks ago as a few dozen Virginians began to collapse in the afternoon heat during an unusually long Obama lecture, the president noted paramedics were on the way. But instead of wrapping up, he offered the audience advice on how to stand while he finished,” (read Investor’s Business Daily article).

• “An American ambassador is killed on duty in Libya on 9/11, the first in three decades, along with three countrymen. Obama reads a tribute to their sacrifice and heads to Vegas for fundraising” (read Investor’s Business Daily article).

• On 9/11, Obama’s first tweet from his official Twitter account was about his re-election; no mention of America’s loss in 2001.