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Olivia Wilde is amongst the most outspoken liberal women in Hollywood lately. Her Twitter page wallpaper is her as the Statue of Liberty with the caption reading, “ACLU Leading Freedom Forward.” Recently Wilde gushed about Sandra Fluke, 31 years old, an activist for tax-payer funded birth control.

Olivia Wilde appears to want free contraception for women. So, who’s going to pay for it? We all know food is more important than sex. So, does she want free food for everyone? How about free housing for everyone?

No Secret Olivia Wilde Doesn’t Like Republicans

She quotes extensively from Leftist publications such as The New York Times and The Huffington Post.

Olivia Wilde Retweeted these tweets:

• Of course, we’re better off. Under President Obama, the national debt will have increased by $5.6 trillion ($16.2 Trillion debt ceiling – $10.6 trillion the day he took office).
• There are 314 million Americans. So $5.6 Trillion divided by 314 million = $17,834 that President Obama has added to each man, woman, child, and baby.
• There are 114 American taxfilers; however only half pay taxes, so there are 57 million taxpayers. So $5.6 trillion divided by 57 million = $98,246 that President Obama has added to each actual taxpayer.

Of course we’re better off! We’re further into debt!

Olivia Wilde Upon hearing about Paul Ryan for VP Pick