Alexis Bledel

The One Percent Who Earn Their Living From Fantasy Urge Young Voters To Decide Their Futures

Ashley Judd: I don’t remember getting my driving license, but I remember registering to vote, and yet I have not always voted consistently, which is something that’s really embarrassing to me. But it’s important for me to talk about because I know that there are other folks out there, especially young people who care but have made mistakes and lapsed.

Zach Braff: You have to vote, especially if your college kid, this is your future you know. I know you’re in college and you have a lot of other things on your mind, but this is a fork in the road.

Elizabeth Banks: Mitt Romney’s advice to a college kid when asked how should I get ahead in the world (she laughs) is that you should borrow money from your dad (laughs some more). That to me says everything.

Ashley Judd: I early vote now. You know, I get that pressure off my back, and I really urge other people to do the same.

Elizabeth Banks: This election is about the long-term; it’s about the future and this is a real moment in time right now.

Alexis Bledel: It was really the youth vote that got President Obama elected so it will really take a strong youth vote this time around to get him re-elected.

Yes, We Agree With The Above Celebrities For Obama. It Really Is About The Future. A The Young Will Decide Their Fate



Some records under President Obama.
1. $18,000 is the bill that President Obama has handed each and every American. (see notes below)
2. $98,000 is the bill President Obama has handed each and every American taxpayer. (see notes below)
3. $2.6 MILLION is the cost to create each job during President Obama’s tenure. (see notes below)
4. Raising taxes on the “rich” will do little to pay our bills. You would have to raise taxes on the rich 142% – yes that’s over 100% – just to pay for one year’s deficits. (source)

*President Obama raised the debt $5.6 trillion ($16.2 trillion debt limit – $10.6 debt the day he took office). There are 314 million Americans. $5.6 Trillion divided by 314 million Americans = $17,834.40.
**President Obama increased America’s debt $5.6 trillion ($16.2 trillion debt limit – $10.6 debt the day he took office). There are 114 million American tax-filers; half pay federal income tax. $5.6 Trillion divided by 57 million Americans = $98,245.61.
***January 2009 there were 140,436,000 employed Americans; August 2012 there were 142,558,000 Americans employed. So there was a creation of 2,122,000 jobs divided by $5.6 trillion that Obama has spent = $2.6 million.