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20 September 2012 –

Natalie Portman Busy Again Campaigning For Obama

On Wednesday 19 September 2012, the 31-year-old, Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman along with former Ohio first lady Frances Strickland campaigned for President Barack Obama at a Women For Obama rally highlighting the administration’s policies that supporters say benefit women. The event was held at the Cincinnati Museum Center on Wednesday.

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Natalie Portman Sticks With Her Talking Point Of Expanding The Middle Class Through Education

“And so we really see a stark difference between a President who wants to expand our middle class through education, and a candidate, Mitt Romney, who wants to expand it through trickle down economics.” Natalie Portman told the crowd.

Natalie, again is silent on jobs, or lack of jobs, for college graduates once they receive their education.

Since she was campaigning with Frances Strickland, former Ohio first lady, is it fair to mention that under Ted Strictland’s reign of governorship, Ohio reportedly lost 421,000 jobs?

With early voting starting in two weeks, Ohio is a toss-up state. Polling suggests that Obama has a slight lead in Ohio.

Natalie Portman also told the audience that she wants her son to grow up in a country that Obama’s vision will shape. She described that vision as friendly to the middle class.

Does she know about America’s $16.2 Trillion national debt; $5.6 trillion that Obama added (more than the first 42 presidents combined)?

According to The White House Budget Report for 2012 (page 171), the federal government is estimated to spend $3.728 Trillion (while only receiving $2.6 trillion in taxes).

Giving the President some leeway and to make the math easy, let’s just say America will spend in 2012 $3.65 trillion.
So it costs $10 billion a day to run the government, or
$416 million an hour, or
$6.9 million a minute.

So with Natalie’s reportedly $32 million net worth, you could run the government for 4.7 minutes.