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Gary Sinise Above (left) Was One Of The More Famous Faces In The Mitt Romney Beverly Hills Fundraiser Saturday night (22 September 2012).

25 September 2012 –

22 September 2012, Beverly Hilton Hotel was the site of a Mitt Romney Hollywood fundraiser that raised $6 Million.

1,500 people paid $1,000, $15,000, or $50,0000 to see the candidate speak. Comedian Dennis Miller and musician and record producer David Foster also spoke. Among the most famous attendees were megaproducer Jerry Bruckheimer, CSI: NY’s Gary Sinise, and Everyone Loves Raymond’s Patricia Heaton. Also in attendance were Terry Semel (former Warner Brothers chair), Burt Sugarman (Children of a Lesser God producer), Frank Price (former head of both Columbia Pictures and Universal Pictures), Lionel Chetwynd (DC 9/11: A Time of Crisis writer/producer), John O’Hurley (General Hospital actor).

Tom Tellefsen, a major bundler and chairman of Mitt Romney’s California Finance Committee, said, “At this moment I know you are probably feeling a bit worried, frustrated, even angry as you watch President Obama, the mainstream media and the pundits attack Mitt with distortions and inaccuracies. So I wanted to share some thoughts with you tonight. They can provide you some comfort. Polls are not elections. The voters have not yet spoken.”

Mitt Romney spoke about a meeting he had with an unnamed very famous celebrity

“I know in some of the communities around this particular hotel it’s hard to let people know you’re conservative without them looking at you funny.” Romney then said he had lunch with “a very famous actor — very famous. Very liberal. I won’t tell you his name or he’d shoot me… He pulled me aside, he said, ‘In this town, you really can’t get work unless you’re known as a liberal,’ and he said, ‘But no one knows how I really vote.’ And there are a lot of people that feel that way.”

Mitt Romney Will Be Back

A source in Mitt Romney’s campaign said, “This weekend’s event was very successful and there are plans to try to get the Governor back in Los Angeles again after the first or second debate for a similar occasion.”

Outside the hotel, a group of Obama supporters called a news conference to point out Mitt Romney’s tax returns, corporate record and other issues.

Pending as to whether the group of Obama supporters also called attention to the dismal economic record under President Obama or drew attention to Taxmageddon, the largest tax increase in America’s history, that is coming to every middle class and low income worker January 2013.