katy perry © by machechyp

19 September 2012 –

Katy Perry To Sing At “30 Days To Victory Concert”

Katy Perry, the 27-year-old, pop star with the third largest Twitter audience, is going to sing at an Obama fundraiser “30 Days to Victory Concert” at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on 7 October 2012. She will be joined by other stars; the list will be announced later.

Ticket Price Depends On Your Age

How much are the tickets? Well, that depends on your age. No surprise there. Hollywood is coming out strong for Obama in targeting the youth vote, even though there is 24% unemployment (Aug 2012) amongst the age group 16-19 years old (it was 21% when Obama took office in January 2009). Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johannson, Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington have all targeted the youth vote in their DNC Speeches and Portman in her Women for Obama speech earlier this month in Nevada. Hollywood Twitter accounts repeatedly tweet about the youth voting for Obama.

Tickets will be on sale during the campaign; they start at $44 per person if you are under age 40 (isn’t that age discrimination). General tickets for everyone else is $250 per person.

DreamsWorks Executive Will Host Dinner After Concert

Jeffrey Katzenberg, president of DreamWorks Animation, will host a dinner for Obama following the concert; tickets only start at $25,000 per person (doesn’t appear to be any discount, at this point, for youth).