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27 September 2012 –

Back In March 2012, Julianne Moore Said “I’m A Liberal Democrat”

On the red carpet to “Game Change” VIP preview, Julianne Moore calls herself a “liberal Democrat.” Read article here.

CNSNews.com: “Are there any public policy issues that you agree with Sarah Palin on?”

Julianne Moore: “You know, I’m leaving politics out of this. And she’s [Palin] not a political figure right now. I mean, I think she’s a — right now — she’s a correspondent for Fox News, so.”

CNSNews.com: “What about President Obama, do you agree with some of his policy positions?”

Julianne Moore: “Yes. I’m a Liberal Democrat. So, yes.”

In September 2012, Julianne Moore Digs At Sarah Palin

On 23 September 2012, at the 64th Emmy Awards, Julianne Moore won outstanding actress in miniseries or movie for “Game Change” in which she plays Sarah Palin in a movie that “excoriates” the former VP candidate and has been called an anti-republican propaganda film.

Julianne Moore’s acceptance speech, slammed by conservatives, starts with “I feel so validated, because Sarah Palin gave me a big thumbs down!”

Reaction To “Game Change”

• “What would have been the chances of an openly conservative actor getting an award for playing a liberal politician and making that person seem insane,” wrote Palin documentary filmmaker John Ziegler.
• “The film was a partisan hatchet job, a broadly comic retelling of actual events that wasn’t actually funny or factual,” wrote Christian Toto, editor of Breitbart’s Big Hollywood. “Why wouldn’t far-left Hollywood toast it on the biggest night of the television year?”

Top stars and executives involved in “Game Change” gave $200,000 to Democrats and liberal causes over the years. By contrast, according to the Hollywood Reporter, they’ve given ZERO to Republicans. (see article)

Ed Harris, who plays Sen. John McCain, has given $9500 to Democratic candidates, and since 1998, the actor has also donated $11,975 to liberal special-interest groups like MoveOn.org, Emily¹s List and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. His donations to Republicans and conservative causes: Zero.
Woody Harrelson, who stars as Steve Schmidt, chief strategist for McCain-Palin, has given $4,300 to Democratic candidates, and donated $3,500 to liberal causes like GreenVote and the Hollywood Women¹s Political Committee. Republican anc conservative donations: Zero.
• Jay Roach, Game Change’s director/co-executive producer, gave $15,800 to the Democrats. And to Republicans and conservatives: Zero.
• Producer Tom Hanks has given away over a hundred grand to the Democratic party, and since 1994, Hanks has also donated $36,500 to liberal causes like Midwest Values Pac, founded by Democratic Sen. Al Franken. Republican and conservative donations: Zero.
Julianne Moore, who stars as Palin, donated $2,250 to the Democrats, and $7,500 to special-interest groups like the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic White House Victory Fund. To Republicans and conservative causes: Zero.
• Game Change co-executive producer and writer (adaptation) Danny Strong, gave $2500 to the Obama Victory Fund in 2008. To Republicans: Zero.