The Obama campaign has launched its “For All” campaign. It encourages people to take pictures of themselves with their hands on their hearts and a note explaining why they support President Obama.

Jessica Alba Has Her Hand Over Her Heart

Some Responses To Jessica Alba:

Natalie Portman Puts Obama On Her Hand


To What Is Natalie Portman referring? The continuation for tax-payer funded abortion and now tax-payer funded contraceptives?

Eva Longoria Has Love On Her Hand


Jared Leto Has His Hand Over His Heart


Pledging Allegiance To Soviet LEADERSHIP Was Required In Communist Russia

Propaganda In The Soviet Union:
“Those born after the Revolution were explicitly told that they were to build a utopia of brotherhood and justice, and to not be like their parents, but completely Red. “Lenin’s corners”, “political shrines for the display of propaganda about the god-like founder of the Soviet state” have been established in all schools. Schools conducted marches, songs and pledges of allegiance to Soviet leadership . One of purposes was to instill in children the idea that they are involved in the World revolution, which is more important than any family ties. Pavlik Morozov who betrayed his father to the secret police NKVD was promoted as a great positive example.

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