Howard Stern © by B.Norton

17 September 2012 – on The Howard Stern Show

“I came to the conclusion over the weekend that I really don’t want Romney to win. I really don’t like him at all…cause he’s a c**ksucking d**k. His whole background at Bain is so deplorable, I don’t know that he shouldn’t be in jail.”

“This is a guy running for President who says he’s a great businessman and that he knows how to create jobs…He was such a monster there…To me, he’s a demon. How could this guy have any compassion? How could this guy really care about this country?…This new scam, leverage buyouts, it doesn’t produce a product! It takes money and puts it into other people’s hands…If this is a guy who is fundamentally out for himself and not altruistic and want to help other people? How could a guy like that be President?…This was just an industry of moving money around…It reminds me of, like, a bank robbery.”

Bank Robbery, Howard Stern?

Hey Howard, what do you call this?