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above: Harry Belafonte, 1954, Academy Award-nominated film “Carmen Jones.”

**FLASHBACK** 7 August 2012 – LOCARNO, Switzerland.

Harry Belafonte Said Mitt Romney Would End Civilization

Harry Belafonte, 85-year-old actor and musician, was at the Locarno Film Festival to pick up the Golden Leopard Honor Award (the top prize of the Festival awarded to the best film in the international competition).

Over his lifetime, Belafonte has been awarded a Tony, four Grammys (including a lifetime achievement award) and the first ever Emmy for an African-American. Read more about Belafonte here.

When the Hollywood Reporter asked Belafonte, “Would you want Mitt Romney to become the next U.S. president?” Belafonte responded: “Only if I would like to see the end of civilization. No, absolutely not. Mitt Romney is not my cup of tea at all.”

When asked by The HollyWood Reporter how the world has changed for activists, Belafonte replied: “Those who have the power in the free-enterprise system start to crush societies and create wars that are unholy. What we did during the Bush period, what we still continue to do, even with Barack Obama, is the continuency of not changing the paradigm, of not changing the view. We still have laws that encourage torture; we did not change Guantanamo; we have laws that allow the police to arrest you at any time, not having to tell you why, and take you wherever they want. This kind of capitalism is taking us to the doorstep of [a] Fourth Reich, I think.”

Hugo Chavez

Back in January 2006, Harry Belafonte called President Bush “the greatest terrorist in the world”

Harry Belafonte led a delegation of Americans including the actor Danny Glover and the Princeton University scholar Cornel West to meet the Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez, for more than six hours. “No matter what the greatest tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorist in the world, George W. Bush says, we’re here to tell you: Not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of the American people … support your revolution,” Belafonte told Chavez.

Juan Williams, Liberal Commentator, Said Of Belafonte

• I know people who marched [in Civil Rights movement] with him, that now call Belafonte “the one that ran into a car and left once the cops came, while the rest of us got our heads beat in!”
• I think he’s a bitter old man. At this point he’s a has-been. I mean, he’s probably best known for that day-old banana song. But you know, who cares at this point?

Which Is A Greater Threat

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