Billy Crystal VF 2012 Shankbone © by david_shankbone

25 September 2012

NEW ORLEANS — On Friday, 21 September 2012, 64-year-old actor Billy Crystal walked the red carpet for a screening of his latest film, “Parental Guidance,” which opens in theaters later this year and co-stars Bette Midler and Marisa Tomei.

That same day, Friday, 21 September, at the AARP’s national convention in New Orleans, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s running mate, spoke.

Billy Crystal joked that he didn’t attend Ryan’s address to the AARP, but addressed a mistake by the vice presidential candidate when he misstated the time he ran in a marathon by more than an hour. Crystal said, “I’ve never met him, but anyone who lies about how fast they run in a marathon I can’t trust.

We agree, Billy Crystal. Words Do Matter

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