Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis Lesbian Kiss from Black Swan © by LesMedia

Natalie Portman Speaks in Front of Women For Obama Crowd

Natalie Portman’s Friends Are Struggling With Student Loan Debt … No Mention Of Lack Of Jobs

I was lucky enough to go to a wonderful public school and to go to college and so many of my friends are still struggling to pay back their student loans … and if anyone went to grad school, god-forbid, that’s another 20 years of paying back. I think that we can all be incredibly grateful to Obama’s student loan reform that helped millions of students pay back their loans and the college tax credit to help students and families afford college.

Natalie Portman – Education Is The Key To Reviving Our Economy.

We know that education is the way we’re going to compete in global marketplace. That’s how we’re gonna … that’s how we’re gonna … make our country the thriving, thriving economy that it can be.

Natalie Portman – President Barack Obama Has Done Enough. Forget About His Jobs Records, National Security, and the Dismal Economy. Doesn’t Matter.

And, and … I kept seeing these accomplishments and thinking … what else does he need to do to get four more years? He passed healthcare. He got it done. He promised to protect the working class. He got it done. He promised to end the war in Iraq, he got it done. He got Osama bin Laden. I’m jewish and we have a prayer and Passover when they say … what do you always say? Uhmmmmm … you know, if God only gave us this that would that would have been enough. If he only gave us this, that would have been enough. The word is dayenu. And I say the same thing. It’s enough. He’s done enough.

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