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Newsweek Reporter, Eichenwald, tells Kellyanne To F*** Herself

Newsweek Reporter, Eichenwald, tells Kellyanne Conway to F*** Herself Multiple Times

Kurt Eichenwald From Newsweek, who has been over the top in his hatred for Donald Trump and his 60+ million voters, continues to spew his vitriol on Twitter.

Juliet Eilperin – Kisses John Podesta’s Butt & Misleads Public

WikiLeaks Reveals Another Clinton Sponsored Reporter


Mizzou Issues Second Set of “Demands” Accuses Staff of Upholding “White Supremacy”

  The ongoing saga of the University of Missouri Continues … Students issue second set of “demands” after they made international headlines in November 2015 which resulted in the resignation...


          TAKE OUR QUIZ AT THE END!! Why are businesses leaving America? Second highest corporate tax rate in the world Excessive regulations and laws that beat...

Bradley Cooper, Olivia Wilde and Will Ferrell are among 113 stars thanking President Barack Obama for New Executive Orders on Gun Control

113 Stars write a letter congratulating and standing with Obama on taking Executive Action to control guns. The liberal celebrities fail to acknowledge that mass shooters actually prefer gun-free zones,...