Politics No. 1

The Constitution is clear: SMALL and LIMITED Federal Government.

The government should be as LOCAL to you and your family as possible … with most authority reserved to the states and people.

Think about it:  it is easier to influence your mayor than your President who sits behind locked gates and armed guards at the White House.


For those who like BIG GOVERNMENT, ask yourself this:
• How much influence do you have over Washington?
• Do they listen to you?
• Do they carefully spend your money?
• Do they truly look out for you and your family?
• Do they respect your religious beliefs?
• Do they care about your future?
• Does Big Gov protect your job from outsourcing?
• Does Big Govt protect the value of your money?
• Big Govt has stolen the value of your money. It prints more money, thus your money is worth less. Costs have skyrocketed the last few years.
• Big Govt has stolen our kids’ future by running up a $19 trillion deficit.
• Our Founding Fathers studied thousands of years of thought and government to come up with our Constitution.

Remember, our Founding Fathers took on a King who did not listen to them.  …. but they wanted to be heard, so they limited the power of the Government with the Constitution.

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.” Thomas Jefferson

How the Left and Right view the Constitution:

How the Left Views the ConstitutionHow the Right Views the Constitution
Subject to change with human evolution and progress.Timeless. There are some rules and values that are timeless and should not change with "progress" ... like the rules of physics or the idea that murder, lying, and stealing are wrong whereas truth, justice, honor, loyalty, and wisdom are good. Also when thinking about "progress" ... do we get along better with our neighbors or spouses than we did 300 years ago?
Liberals, by and large, do not respect the original Constitution, in part because of the guarantees of slavery therein, but more profoundly because of their belief in Progress. In their view, the original Constitution reflects the defective moral consciousness of an earlier age, and should today be understood in the light of the higher stage to which moral understanding has now evolved (Jaffa, 2003).The central claim of the Founders is that they were acting on principles that transcend time and place. “We hold these truths to be self-evident” that is the laws of nature and of nature’s God, and the self-evident truth of human equality. “Each individual is born with unalienable rights. Individuals come together to form peoples, and each people has a natural standing to a separate and equal station” (Arnn L. , 2012)(p. 24). “True law is right reason, consonant with nature, spread through all people. It is constant and eternal.” Cicero “The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for among old parchments … They are written, as with a sun beam, in the whole volume of human nature by the hand of Divinity itself.” – Alexander Hamilton
Woodrow Wilson, Democrat, U.S. President 1913-1921, said the Constitution is obsolete, written for an age that believed in the theories of Isaac Newton and regarded government as a mechanism. That age is now superseded by Darwin and the theory of evolution, which allows us to see that government is a living organism, one that must change over time (Arnn L. , 2012). Its structure is too inflexible to accommodate the changing needs of government and the people it will manage. Either it must go, or its structure must be regarded as elastic (Arnn L. , 2012). Americans thrive too much at the expense of their neighbors. Is their Founding even good? And who are these Founders, anyway, to lecture us about right and wrong? Who are they to say that there is one truth for every age and time, one set of principles to command us today? We live in an age so modern as to make their quill pens and their bowing absurd. These absolute phrases seemed liberating then but seem constraining today (Arnn L. , 2012). We have made so very much progress from the time of the Revolution, from the time of the horse and buggy and the powered wig. We face new challenges, but also we have all the new tools of modern science. Could we not come up with better principles than our fathers, just as we can now build taller and more momentous structures? (Arnn L. , 2012) Nancy Pelosi, Democrat, when asked in Obamacare was constitutional, “are you serious? are you serious?” Pelosi did not think the question of the constitutionality of the health care law was a serious question."There are Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, as the Declaration of Independence claims. The Constitution is as equally important. The central claim of the Founders is that they were acting on principles that transcend time and place. They committed treason in the name of those principles. They killed and were killed for them. To say that they were simply creatures of their time is to take from them the rock upon which they built, to deprive them of the reason upon which they based it all. And if everyone is trapped by his time and place in history, what about you?" (Arnn L. , 2012) "The Constitution is durable and has survived a great Civil War; is has succeeded in an agrarian society, through the Industrial Revolution, through the jet age, and into the information age. It has survived through more than a century of organized opposition to its procedures and limits. Still today it places inconveniences in the way of those who would overcome it. In the making of fundamental law, there has been nothing like it. The arrangements of the Constitution have a way of organizing our actions so as to produce certain results, and they have done this more reliably than any governing instrument in the history of man" (Arnn L. , 2012).
The administrative state is more relevant to the current political design of our nation. It protects our rights more. It is vitally important in bringing government closer to the people and providing each individual an equal voice. The government should allocate the right to speak to make sure everyone gets a fair chance. – Cass Sunstein, Regulatory Czar under ObamaThe current Administrative state in not representative and its powers are not separated. The powers of these agencies are both sweeping and sealed off from accountability to the people. Many agencies combine all three powers of government in the hands of their senior administrators. They make the regulations, which have the force of law. They enforce them on companies and individuals, states and local governments. They find and bring charges that can lead to imprisonment. And then, when the poor souls who are burdened, fined, and accused wish to appeal, they go before the agency into whose clutches they have already fallen (Arnn L. , 2012). The current Administrative – versus Constitutional – government state is arbitrary, complex, and shrouded in mystery. To plead before it requires lawyers and lobbyists who command vast salaries, and so they are available not to the ordinary but to the well-heeled and entrenched. It’s a state conceived in elitism with classes of elevated minions who are expensive and tenured (Arnn L. , 2012). These new administrative agencies are infamously unrepresentative, and notoriously they break the society down into parts and treat different parts of it differently. Those that regulate business are often captured by and favor the particular firms that lead their industries. Those that regulate people have their favorites: some ethnic groups get protected, some do not; some regions get protected, some do not; women, in the majority, are grouped with minorities for protection and therefore form part of a large majority-but we call it a minority anyway (Arnn L. , 2012).


Liberals Say:
Constitution is outdated.
Bigger government can give us more.
Government can restore fairness and equality.

Conservatives Say:
Government is often oppresive and should be limited, just as the founding fathers wanted.
Corporate Threat to Liberty (Painting)

Questions from Pew Research 2012 Value Survey:

Areas in which Republican and Democrats Strongly Agree:

Generally speaking, elected officials in Washington lose touch with the people pretty quickly. (R & D agree the most on this question)
Agreed with this statement:
• 87% Republicans
• 76% Democrats
• 83% Independents
a 13.5% percentage difference between republicans and democrats (difference as a % of the average)

I am concerned that the government is collecting too much information about people like me.
Agreed with this statement:
• 72% Republicans
• 60% Democrats
• 65% Independents
an 18% percentage difference between republicans and democrats (difference as a % of the average)

It is time for Washington politicians to step aside and make room for new leaders.
Agreed with this statement:
• 87% Republicans
• 65% Democrats
• 79% Independents
a 29% percentage difference between republicans and democrats (difference as a % of the average)

The government is really run for the benefit of all the people.
Agreed with this statement:
• 37% Republicans
• 50% Democrats,
• 37% Independents
a 30% percentage difference between republicans and democrats (difference as a % of the average)

Areas in which Republican and Democrats Somewhat Agree:

Poor people have become too dependent on government assistance programs.
Agreed with this statement:
• 91% Republicans
• 57% Democrats
• 73% Independents
a 46% percentage difference between republicans and democrats (difference as a % of the average)

The federal government controls too much of our daily lives.
Agreed with this statement:
• 77% Republicans
• 47% Democrats
• 65% Independents
a 48% percentage difference between republicans and democrats (difference as a % of the average)

Areas in which Republican and Democrats Disagree:

When something is run by the government it is usually inefficient and wasteful.
Agreed with this statement:
• 77% Republicans
• 41% Democrats
• 63% Independents
a 61% percentage difference between republicans and democrats (difference as a % of the average)

It is the responsibility of the government to take care of people who can’t take care of themselves.
Agreed with this statement:
• 40% Republicans
• 75% Democrats
• 59% Independents
a 61% percentage difference between republicans and democrats (difference as a % of the average).

I am concerned about the government becoming too involved in healthcare.
Agreed with this statement:
• 88% Republicans
• 37% Democrats
• 61% Independents
an 82% percentage difference between republicans and democrats (difference as a % of the average) and the third largest percentage difference from the 72 questions asked.